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     So…How ‘bout a little more about me? Whether it's writing or coaching fellow business             owners, I'm here to create a safe space for entrepreneurs of all abilities, 

This all started four years ago when I began a personal blog as a hobby. After posting for a little while, I found out that I had a hidden talent when I received a small following. After that, I started getting requests to write for other blogs and websites which was awesome. 

I decided to launch my own business, so I could really put my skills to use. Now that I’ve started my business, I’m happy to welcome anyone who needs a hand with professional writing to the Zoey Schvan Business Corner. 😊

Coaching - Another Hidden Talent

A little while after I got my business underway, a contact of mine put me in touch with someone from Incubator13. After talking, I was offered a mentorship role that let me teach a bunch of amazing young entrepreneurs about starting a business. After learning a ton from my new friends at the organization, I began focusing on my personal goal of helping entrepreneurs with disabilities. I’m still working with Incubator13 since there are so many great people there, and now I offer my own coaching services as well.

As a businesswoman with a disability, it’s really important to help entrepreneurs like me turn their business ideas into realities. Making a name for myself while living with Familial Dysautonomia, also known as “FD”, has given me the know-how to overcome the challenges of doing business with a disability. Despite my unique situation, my disability doesn’t stop me from succeeding, and I’m still able to do anything that a typical business owner would. Learning to navigate a conference with a walker, coping with the uncertainty of a chronic condition, and working on everyday skills (like speaking up for myself) has helped me understand what entrepreneurs of any ability deal with.

Even though coaching people with disabilities is my priority, I'm happy to work with anyone who needs assistance getting their business going. I believe that anybody can start a business if they really want to, so I would be happy to provide my skills as a business consultant to whoever needs them.


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