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     Whether it's writing or coaching fellow business owners, I'm here to create a safe space for       entrepreneurs of all abilities, 

This all started four years ago when I began a personal blog as a hobby. After posting for a little while, I found out that I had a hidden talent when I received a small following. After that, I started getting requests to write for other blogs and websites which was awesome. 

I decided to launch my own business, so I could really put my skills to use. Now that I’ve started my business, I’m happy to welcome anyone who needs a hand with professional writing to the Zoey Schvan Business Corner. 😊

Coaching - Another Hidden Talent

A while after I got my business up and running, a contact of mine put me in touch with someone from Incubator13. After talking, I was offered a mentorship role that let me teach a bunch of amazing young entrepreneurs about starting a business. After learning a ton from my new friends at the organization, I began focusing on my personal goal of helping entrepreneurs with disabilities. I’m still working with Incubator13 since there are so many great people there, and now I offer my own coaching services as well.

As a businesswoman with a disability, it’s really important to give back and help entrepreneurs like me. Making a name for myself while living with Familial Dysautonomia, also known as “FD”, has given me the know-how to overcome the challenges of doing business with a disability. Despite my unique situation, my disability doesn’t stop me from succeeding, and I’m still able to do anything that a typical business owner would. Learning to navigate a conference with a walker, coping with the uncertainty of a chronic condition, and working on everyday skills (like speaking up for myself) has helped me understand what entrepreneurs of any ability deal with.


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