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Disability Resources

Ability First Ottawa aims to help people with disabilities gain the independence needed to reach their full potential. The organization helps people with disabilities gain employment by supporting their job search and ensuring they are fulfilled in their new workplace. While looking for a job, participants in the Ability First Ottawa program can also focus on communication skills, social development, technology training, and finding housing. 

Much like Ability First Ottawa, Causeway Work Centre aims to help people with disabilities find fulfilling employment. No matter the type of disability someone may live with, Causeway provides continuous assistance during the hiring process and maintains support when someone finds work. Causeway also has a unique program for youth to help them assess their employment goals and barriers while paying them minimum wage

This service provides financial support for Ontarians with disabilities. The ODSP can help those that need financial assistance with essential living expenses, prescription benefits, and vision care. Like Ability First Ottawa and the Causeway Work Centre, the Ontario Disability Support Program also helps people with disabilities find, maintain, and advance employment. 

Assistive devices, like walkers or wheelchairs, are required for many people to live active lives. Since mobility devices can be expensive, the Government of Ontario offers assistance when paying for these devices so long as you meet specific requirements. To qualify for the ADP, you must be an Ontario resident, possess a valid Ontario health card, and have had a disability that requires equipment for six months or longer. Click the link to find out if you could benefit from this program!

Finding clothes that fit can be difficult for anybody, so having a condition that complicates shopping even more can limit your wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger has made a line of clothes with one-handed zippers, magnetic buttons, sensory-friendly fabrics, adjustable openings, and items made specially for people who use wheelchairs. These small changes can make a world of difference when people with disabilities are getting ready to conquer the day!

March of Dimes has a long history of helping those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities in Canada. Since their first campaigns in the 1950s, they have provided support for a wide range of disabilities. March of Dimes helps people with conditions such as developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and stroke live as independently as they can. Their programs also help people purchase assistive devices, provide communication support, and offer recreational activities.

Propeller Dance provides people with disabilities the opportunity for self-expression and a sense of community. With classes for children, youth, and adults, anybody who wants to join the program can participate even if they do not have a full range of motion. Check out their website to see if you or someone you know would like a chance at performing in the spotlight!