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Professional Writing & Editing

I offer several professional writing services to ensure I can tackle any kind of job!

All services include the research required to complete the project, one revision and specific examples.


These are all common problems for businesses. Luckily, I specialize in fixing these issues. Whether you need an eye-catching blog post that will put your website on the map, or a well written document to impress your clients, I can provide this kind of content quickly and effectively. My writing services also include event summaries, tutorials, informational memos, or any sort of writing you may need for your website. Check out my portfolio and visit the Contact page to get started!


  • $85/3 Blog Posts

  • $120/Monthly Retainer (typically one post per week)


Finding the right thing to say isn’t easy. If you’re not sure how to write an enticing advertisement for your customers, I can help with that. Engaging with your audience takes some careful planning, so I'm happy to write some copy that keeps your visitors clicking through your website. Fill out the form on the Contact page so I can start working for you!


  • $50/500 Word About Us page

  • Want to know how to attract customers?

  • Not sure what to write on your homepage?

  • Want to keep customers on your website?

  • Not sure how to start a blog?

  • Don’t have time to write that report?

  • Unsure how to write a professional document?


  • Looking for an expert editor and proofreader?

  • Want to be sure your writing flows?

  • Don’t want to find a spelling mistake after posting your blog?

Editing can be tedious. Fortunately, I can make that process a breeze by proofreading your content and copy while you relax. Being an experienced blog writer has given me tons of practice revising grammar, spelling, syntax, and flow. I can do simple edits to catch mistakes, or I can help you rework your writing with a more in-depth review. Looking at all the little details is what I do best, so I will ensure that your readers won’t get distracted by errors. Begin the form on the Contact page to stop worrying about typos!


  • Proofreading : $55/3 Edited Blog Posts

  • Copy Editing : $40/Edited Already Existing About Us page


  • Half payment is required up front

  • No free samples provided; please check out my portfolio here

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