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These are some resources I’ve compiled to help small business owners. In here you’ll find some links that will help you enhance your digital presence, meet other entrepreneurs, and find workshops to improve your skills.

If you’d like to do some reading, I’ve compiled a number of booklets about things like marketing, social media, making client profiles, and more. Click this link to check it out!

If you need some help with clerical, regulatory, and tax-related topics, visit my new friends over at Small Business Quick Start!


*affiliate partnership disclosure : I get commissions for purchases made through this link*

Even though working from home comes with a ton of perks (like free snacks and no dress code), having some separation between work and home is essential. Collab Space offers you a place to work with other entrepreneurs to build a network that you may have missed out on while working in your pyjamas. Collab Space also ensures you are headed in the right direction by providing mentorships and offering workshops to sharpen your skills.

Digital Main Street is an organization that helps small businesses rebrand or adapt their business model to keep up with the digital marketplace. DMS can reinvigorate entrepreneurs by helping businesses find new markets and reaching new customers. Various types of assistance are provided, such as offering advice, grant recommendations, and Digital Transformation Squads that will provide services like copywriting, web development, and digital marketing management.

If you want to grow your network by meeting other professionals in your field, eSAX can provide you with that opportunity. By offering large gatherings to meet, mingle, and hear from other successful entrepreneurs, eSax helps spread creativity in the Ottawa area.

Entrepreneurship requires an intimate understanding of business, so starting a company at a young age may leave you with several questions. Incubator13 is a program that lets experienced business owners help entrepreneurs under thirty work out the problems of owning a business. Alongside their mentorship program, Incubator13 offers workspaces, meeting environments, and workshops to build a network of ambitious young businesspeople.

Invest Ottawa is a non-profit that offers workshops, business consultants, and networking events to help small businesses grow, no matter their size or success. I have taken one of their workshops myself and found it to be very informative. Invest Ottawa can help you find the mentors, investors, and market research you’ll need to grow your business.

seoplus+ is a global digital marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes with their digital presence. Specializing in SEO, they offer services such as free assessments of your business' website, social media, etc. Along with these useful resources, they also offer content marketing, website design, and so much more. Click the link to read their blog with tips and tricks you can use.

SoGal is an international educational group of entrepreneurs that tries to close the gap between those who feel like they fit in and those who don’t. SoGal can also help entrepreneurs start their business by providing guidance and resources for pitching, marketing, sales, and design.

Startup Grind helps bring entrepreneurs together to offer networking opportunities. Education and mentorship are priorities for this organization and they cater to a diverse group of members. Startup Grind encourages their members to discover new connections by making friends or finding someone to guide their career.

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